The Designer: Anita Bacic

Anita began her love of unique apparel and design at a very early age by designing her own clothes and making them as early as junior high school.
She first opened up a clothing boutique over the summer as a student and caught the bug.

Film then caught her attention as she began working as a wardrobe assistant on “Top Cops” and other television shows and films being shot in Toronto. She worked her way into costume design as a shopper, scripts breakdown, set continuity, co-design and design. Her work on “La Femme Nikita” was the first contemporary non period project to win a Gemini award for costume design in 10 years.

Throughout this process Anita learned how to really use the script to design exactly what the character needed to feel the way they were supposed to in the script so the director could get the best out of each actor. i.e. if the woman needed to be powerful but demure in a scene she could make this happen by dressing them. She also worked with tough actresses that had to look and feel thin and completely in character to even go on camera.

This was valuable training for her work as a designer for her own company. Anita then opened her own store while in film and started the label, “The People Have Spoken.” The political message streetwear line immediately had a cool underground following and grew and morphed into a more feminine collection over following years.

Anita designs the woman of today, she is able to read the “script” of today, the “collective consciousness” of women, what they want and need and then design for them. Her unique understanding of her customer and use of wearable and washable fabrics, and hard line on well fit and well designed product is what has led to the amazing reaction of customers that are buying The People Have Spoken and loving it.